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With the increase demand to reduce your office footprint, providing the right environment and opportunity for staff to meet becomes critically important.

The use of meeting rooms run by customer-focussed professionals who understand the importance of making sure the meeting or training session runs smoothly is critical in ensuring you achieve your meeting outcomes.

The key benefits of using external meeting and training rooms are:-

  • Having sufficient space in which your team can collaborate, without feeling claustrophobic, will add to the productivity and output
  • Utilising up to date audio-visual technology adds to the quality of your meeting experience
  • One of the most cost effective ways of utilising your space requirements by only paying for space when you need it
  • Reducing the capital expense of having to invest in expensive data projectors or audio-visual equipment
  • Having an easy and efficient booking process that is managed instantaneously reduces the burden on your time
  • Taking advantage of various catering options is an extremely cost-effective way of providing refreshments without the hassle of organising catering yourself
  • Provides a neutral ground for meeting clients that promotes a friendly and engaging environment

When looking to hire meeting rooms, flexibility, friendliness and professionalism are the keys.  Always seek out those venues that specialise and have that boutique capability that can cater for your specific needs.